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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Yeah!

SHT- 2011. Already. 2010 was hellish- emotionally. I will not sugar coat it. I will not hide or lie about it. My smiley times were scattered and small like grains of fine sea salt. The frowny times were huge like hand slaps, never missing a beat. My motto of positivity is ONWARD.

O- OUT with the OLD
N- NO more bad NEWS
W-WON'T let things WEAR me down
A-ARMED with Faith and AIMED to move forward
R-RAISING my REALNESS to another level
D-DON'T need or want DRAMA, DARK DAYS, DAMNED DUDES or DAMES in my life

January has been off to a flying start. My son turned 16- the year of choices and decisions. EEK. He had an unfortunate incident but was it so unfortunate? He's alive to see another day. I am truly grateful for that! Today's youth are ruthless and reckless. Most fail to see the consequences of their actions.

My oldest goddaughter has turned 13. Lawd lawd lawd help me- no, help her parents. But I love her to bits. She still needs guidance and I hope I can do my part with that. I miss my younger goddaughter and hopefully, Fate will bring her back into my life. I see she's growing up to be that fiesty 8 year old as I've predicted her to be.

I received notice that a balance is finally zeroed out. Did anyone see my tears rolling down my moley cheeks? The added bonus was now they owe ME money because I've overpaid.

I've made the decision to attend Soul Siesta in May. I am hoping friends and family will attend as well but if not, I am sure I will be taken care of. I may get lonely at times, but I will not be alone.

Before the new year kicked off, I made a decision to do things differently. Think differently. Travel more, locally and beyond if possible. Take care of myself- physically and mentally. Each month, I am going to do something that will help me, healthwise. First off- I cannot wait to be in that clean hotel room, sleeping the stress away. Next month is the Love month (OH BOY)- acupuncture or massage. March- another mini getaway. April is my birthday month and I will turn 40. Last year, I was amped to do something big, rounding up my other 40 to be folx- "WHERE DEY AT??" to go to Vegas or a day spa. Something. I'll keep hope alive. The year is starting out and some are recovering from the holidays. Maybe I'll go to Raleigh or Bayboro to be with family and friends. There is one person in particular that could stand to use a visit from me- but does he want a visit from me? (I'm not about to play myself)....May will be the trip to Mexico. Non stop parties. Which means, June will have me hiding somewhere to recouperate. Maybe, just maybe- Detroit.

Well it looks like half of 2011 will bring me lot of smiles and laughter.


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