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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This is dedicated for those who love. Love for another, near or far.


It didn't take me long to admit that my love for you is so hard that it aches within my soul. Yeah, so what? I don't mind the hurt. Pain is pleasure. I'm not even sure how strong this passion is- do you?

Do not get it twisted. I do not stare at my cell phone for those text messages. I never get them. Those 'let me check on you' phone calls- no. I don't look for them either. That's not your thing. When you say 'call anytime'- do you mean anytime? 5am? Midnight? Would you listen to my tears? My fears? My cheers? I'd listen to yours.

Emotionally and Spiritually connected. Beautiful. God given.

So what makes this real? How can we be when there have been distractions throughout the years? You stayed quiet, hidden in the shadows, waiting for some dude to screw up. I know you did. No lie. I've often wondered who was the 'lucky' lady. Thinking: I've blown it. I've lost him. Faith kept me grounded and sane. Without it or just a sprinkling of it, my mind would have gone numb. You were made for Me.

I aint sure about you, but I'm tired. Michael said it best: I'm a LOVER NOT a FIGHTER! I can't hold up this wall any longer. My knees are weak, my heart is heavy and my arms are screaming to reach out to you- to tickle you, hold you, caress you. Come to think of it- the wall isn't needed. You know I've got your back. I'm your Ride or Die. I've proven myself over the years. I can't hurt you. It's not my nature. You won't hurt me, that's not who you are, a fact. I know you've got my back, Ride or Die. Gosh, many times you've proven yourself. I was made for You.

Sooooooo...what should we do about this?

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