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What's on my mind?

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Today, I witnessed history in the making. My old neighborhood friends (Parkchester, Bronx, East Tremont Avenue) have finally (I do stress this) become husband and wife.

I was moved by the words, by the union of families, by the music and the food. There was no drama, lots of rushing, sweating and yelling but it was all good because this was Anthony and Denise's day. Who didn't know the North Quad team of Anthony and Denise? It seemed that everyone on the outside knew this day would come except them. Fate brought them back around full circle. When our crew disbanded, I've often thought of them- how cool it'd be if they'd gotten married. And I got to see this beautiful event with my eyes.

The tribute to Momma Norka and Cousin Mimi touched my heart and created boxed in tears.

Big Brother's speech to his new wife just overwhelmed me.

The repeat of history as the couple drank from the infamous "P" (for Pizarro) glasses- the same as his parents did when they wedded.

The children (I wont shout out the one who shedded the most tears) were happy to have mom and dad make the family official.

Hugs, pictures and jokes. Couldn't ask for a better day. I was honored, not only to be called Titi, but to have helped the bride get ready, to help with the food, to be a part of the entire event.

Today was perfect!!!

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