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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Saturday, April 03, 2010


Today, I did something I didn't think I'd ever do. I burned my gas to give someone some real talk on the behalf of my son. The person was shocked and tried to get funky with me. The immaturity came out. I had to ask if I've wasted my time and was told I didn't. In the end, I was called an 'angel'. In any event, this move was a long time coming. I hope and pray for a positive future.

Next. Social life. That means going out, showing my face, a lil sip and two step. I'm not too keen on going out alone but I have to at least try. I suppose the up side is---SHOPPING FOR CLOTHES AND FOOTWEAR!!! Maybe my alter ego will reveal herself in due time.

Following. Travel life. I do not have a lot of bank but there is so much to see. I will learn to pace myself. Learn to travel alone if need be. Do that weekend hotel thing I did two weeks ago. Relaxing, not enough time but I can pat myself on the back and I finally drove to an out of state hotel and jumped in their plushy bed. Wonderful. No ringing phones. No internet. No invoices. Not available. Slightly lonely at times, however, the ME time was needed. Already, I'm planning the next weekend getaway.

Lastly: creating a bond with a figure lost so long ago. I have not worked out on the proper approach but I know it has to be done in order for me to have peace of mind. However, we've all been through this: you reach your hand out too many times, only to have it slapped, your hand stops making appearances.

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