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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Looking For A Valentine & Beyond- THE 2010 REMIX!

I'm looking for a GOOD man. Folks. Let's get this definition on the table. If you disagree, it's all good.

Man- by definition, is a responsible male. That is, responsible for his actions, his state of mind, his finances, his soul, his body, his home, well-being, his child(ren), his mate. he's a knowledge seeker, striving to improve mentally, physically and possibly financially... i could go on and on but you get the point. Good- by definition, is wholesome, respectful, respectable, dedicated, committed, works hard to do right in all aspects (can't be without sin, we are human but it's worth trying), emitting positive energies, supportive, considerate, loving, understanding a woman's struggle and tries to alleviate her pains, he criticizes- not to hurt- but to teach or guide her, etc

Smush these together and you get: A gentleman. A nobleman. The man. The one who would provide balance in my life. The one who'd say 'cmere Woman!' and hold me so close my breathing is compromised for a minute. He's the one who's feet I'd rub, showing appreciation for his being a part of my life. He's the one who can read every facial expression, not say a word and act accordingly. He can cry on my shoulder because he knows I'd never question his manhood, but only hold him closer and urge him to let it all out. He's the one who's told the world I am the mother of his children forevermore- and will get my last nerve for months, rubbing my belly because he's overexcited. He's the one who's eyes I could look deep into and know with every being- he loves me and no other. He's the one who gives me no reason to doubt him. I trust him and his ways. He is the one I'd give a red rose to- just because. He is the one that works beside me, not under/over me. He is the one who'd realize what I'm trying to accomplish and be there for me every step of the way, smoothing my back 'it'll be OK.' He's the one who's neck I could tickle because I'm feeling playful- and that would not bother him one bit.

So...Am I REALLY asking for too much??

STATS: SINGLE. Definition of that is- not married. Not engaged. No girlfriends or even chicks that think they are girlfriends. No potential booty calls, psycho broads, cluckheads. No more than 2 kids (if he's providing for them, I might be able to work with him). No baby momma(s) drama. LOCAL (meaning within the tri state area). Taller than me (I'm 5'4). Has all of his teeth (no dentures, gold, platty or silver). EXCELLENT hygiene (if you have nails longer than mine, nope! THAT'S A WRAP!). Well dressed (I cannot stand the thug look). Great sense of humor. I cannot stand uptight dudes. UGH. Social drinker. Cause I'm not picking his azz up from the floor.

PHYSIQUE: Not too skinny (where he can cause a spark when he walks), not too big (where he's having breathing difficulties)

STABILITY: Spiritually, mentally, financially, educationally. Well mannered. I'd appreciate it if he hasn't done any time. It's one thing if he was young and stupid and tried to steal a car. But if he's in his 30's trying to sell drugs, molest kids and all of that mess- noooooooooooooo. GO AWAY!

LIVING SITUATION: Doesn't live with a bunch of people. Roommates, brothers, uncles, cousins, that female friend, parents (only if he's in a TEMPORARY dire situation)

EMPLOYMENT: YES please. And I want him to enjoy what he does. I'd like him to be happy with the kind of money he's making.

EDUCATION: YES please. HAVE ONE! He doesn't have to be completely book smart. But at least be able to hold a conversation. If he's a high school dropout- OK. Things happen. I would hope he'd take his tail back to school.

CULTURE: Let's talk about race. For me. I love my chocolate brothers. Latte, Caramel, Special Dark. I throw in the Hispanic fellas in this mix too. I'm sorry. Other races need not apply at this time. He should have some culture- has visited a museum, seen a play, read a decent book, likes movies (outside of porn), likes music. Likes to shop (in addition to holding some of my bags).

REAL TALK: I appreciate the honesty and communication. I'd want him to keep it real, even if he thinks it'd hurt my feelings. I don't like those kinds of surprises.

By all means submit your application if you think you qualify so I can go through the screening process.

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