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What's on my mind?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Death Comes In Threes

Isn't it interesting how Death lurks over those in the entertainment in a series of threes? Ed Mcmahon, age 86, and today, Farrah Fawcet, 62, and wowee- Michael Jackson, 50. MJ's death was a real shocker. Cardiac arrest? The world, I'm sure is in sorrow. I recall earlier today, someone on Facebook said 'well you know in hollywood, death always comes in 3's- I wonder who's next?' This one is huge. I'd been waiting for Jackson's comeback for quite sometime. Perhaps stress over the years had taken its toll. Every so often, someone was trying to sue him. He lost the ranch. He had issues in Burma or Brunai. My hope, after receiving the text that he was fighting for his life, was nothing but positivity- he'd be alright, after all, he's Michael Jackson. I can only say that I did not expect him to leave this world on this sad note, for you see, he was the type who'd you'd think would live at least another 50 years. May not be able to entertain but he'd be around. His legacy will live on for who knows how long- but we know his music has touched ever age, religion, culture, and race. My condolences.

Ms. Fawcett, Ryan's soulmate of 30 years or so. I thought it odd, the timing of their engagement and wondered if she needed the proposal to bring her at peace. I hope and pray she was not alone during her exit. She appeared to be good hearted and kind natured. Good actress and an angel in her own right. My condolences.

Ed. Ed, Ed. I remember your laugh during the Tonight show and wondered if anything was scripted. Johnny Carson was quick witted and hilarious- it was no surprise that you couldn't hold in that gafaw for too long. My condolences.

You will all be missed on various levels.

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