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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What's New?

Nice to see Spring slowlllllllllly creeping in our midst. The South has been hit with snow which means we'll probably get hit with a shower or flurry.

Mark returned to work yesterday, may have been too soon. I hope and pray he will make a full recovery and go back to work- I know he enjoys that job.

A family member did a very hurtful - or I should say- disappointing thing. She didn't hurt me directly but lied about something I never did. Basically, she told another family member I did something against her- yet, I've never done such a thing. This of course, got my mother riled (person #2 conveyed this info to her). I told her that I wasn't worried about it. My thing is that if I was in contact with her and there was constant communication between us, it'd touch me. But since we aren't close, she's come at me wrong in a disrespectful manner, this is something to brush off and not lose sleep over. Heck, I need all of the sleep I can get! I suppose my only mini gripe is I was lied on (or about) or however you want to term it. Let's say I said 'she was doing this today'. It comes back to me that I said 'she didnt do this yesterday'. Or something so out of nowhere, you cannot make any connection. There's no contact between us but my name flows from her lips. The whole thing is intriguing and interesting. Amazing how the mind works, how information is dispersed, absorbed and interpreted.

Taxes are done (thank you Honey), now it's the waiting game. Already, it's chopped into smaller pieces, but it's a good thing.

Part time gig is OK. I enjoy it. Dont have any issues with anyone and I think some of the college kids are OK. They come in and buy beer so often, I know their ages, I know what beer they'll get and if they dont buy beer, I'm asking 'what happened, no beer??'. I work hard at this job and they don't pay me enough but I know they are watching and are impressed.

I'm grateful for the things I have and for the things I can do. I know there are so many who are not as fortunate as myself.

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