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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Store Funnies

Being that I monitor the self scan area, i see and hear a lot of strange things

*3 guys (about mid 20s)- 2 at the register, 1 at the bin with the rubber balls. he throws the ball at one friend, bops him on the top of his head, the ball bounces and bops the other guy in the head.

*woman asks 'where do i sign (for a credit card purchase). on the lower left, there is a sign over a glass window that reads in huge black letters, with an arrow pointing downward: SIGN BELOW. she starts to scribble her name on that paper sign

*2 little YT girls were messing with the suntun tubes on the shelves as their mother chatted it up with a friend. the girls had so much fun they were squirting each other like a porn film. so i walk over and they stopped quick, moved to the side like 'i didnt do nuthin' look. i took the jacked up tube, walked over to the mother (she had lil coats in the cart, that's how i knew who to blast) and ask 'are these your girls? they are squeezing suntan lotion everywhere and have gotten it all over the place- now it cannot be sold, it's damaged'. never heard so many 'i'm sorries'

*2 little YT boys were eating egg bagels. those who know, they are kind of a dark yellow. the mother is ringing her order up, boys are on the side near me, eating the bagels. one of the boys, about age 8, breaks off a piece of the bagel, puts it between his legs and says 'look ma, i peed on myself! it's all yellow there, i'm peeing!!'. naturally his brother's cracking up and so am i. mother was so embarassed, snatching him and yelling at him not to never, ever do that again.


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