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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My heart

goes out to the family of the young gentleman who decided to take his life via webcam. His suicide note broke my heart. It seemed like he attempted to get help but was turned away. In his mind, he was a failure and an asshole. Maybe his behaviors weren't appropriate- maybe those were non medicated moments- but it's so unfortunate that a lot of young people feel dispair- they cannot connect. they cannot relate. they lose hope. they live with so much self hatred, so much internal noise, a lot of times, they have missed opportunities to see the light- to see there is a good side to most things.

I am angry at the people who egged this teen on and I do understand that net law dictates that you 'never catch feelings on the net'... this may include those who say they will do this or that. you dont want to get involved, you dont want to believe them, you aren't on the site for that. I do admire those who tried to talk him out of killing himself- but they didnt realize that he had planned this for a very long time- he struggled with it and according to his letter, he has attempted suicide several times but failed. Imagine how he must have felt if he had constantly attempted suicide but failed- did that mean he didnt really want to die- or did it mean he didnt know how to do it 'right'? Was those times, medicated times? Surely that would have an effect on judgment.

Abraham's broadcast spoke to a handful of people- good and bad. caring and uncaring. I wished he heard the caring people before swallowing those pills.

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