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What's on my mind?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

With Pride

As I sit with my son watching the 2008 Hip Hop Honors- I thought he'd be bored with the show but was not to my surprise. He said he was sorry he missed this piece of musical history. I told him there was very little songs about booty poppin and killing each other- there was more fun, light beefs and how one could dress the 'flyest' or rap/MC the best.
I'm waiting for him to get up, esp for the songs I love- Children's Story, Saturdays, and Hey Young World but here he sits, enjoying this spectacular event. He's seen me pop up when EPMD came on stage. He's heard me fuss about why I wasn't invited to this show.

I think he's grasping the Hip Hop roots or origins and realizing today's 'hip hop' has fallen by the waist side.

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