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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Update- October 05, 2008
This month is the month where my cry is 'everyday i'm hustlin'.
Check this out:
*part time gig 2 training is this monday, weds and thurs. I have to wear the uniform and right now I don't know where the locker rooms or anything is so I can change.
*part time gig 1 is this upcoming weekend
*kid starts 2 classes at lehman college
*kid has algebra issues so I have to tutor
I haven't had much sleep time but I will definitely work to be in the bed before 9pm tomorrow night. I would hate for my sleep to be affected- then again, if I become really tired, it'd push me to be in the bed earlier like my tail should have been.
Will I be bright eyed and bushy tailed or zzzzzz???

Slowly, I am emerging from my shell. New vitamins- not sure if they are working yet. It's too soon to tell. My confidence is not quite there because of new jobs. I've never done a part time job followed by a full time job. Faith in myself is building and I am allowing more time. I'm scared about these jobs and what I'm really capable of. Can I pull this off?

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