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What's on my mind?

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Today, my family surprised my aunt with a birthday party. She will be 60 on Monday. Her grandson's 20th birthday was also today. You know what that meant: TWO CAKES!! Auntie was really surprised as she walked in and saw grins and heard 'surprise!!!' Played Stevie's Happy Birthday and she was just too happy. My mother told me later that the party was the best gift she's ever gotten. The cocktail patties were a hit- thank you, Son, for your hard work. I was a bit disappointed that I enlisted someone to take pictures of the family and she stunk at the job. I'm cursing myself for not doing it but I thought since she was there, surrounded by everyone, that she'd do it right. Never again. She missed so many people.
I have to give a mini shoutout to the Cheesecake Factory for creating that fab chocolate truffle cake, 7 layers of crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy chocolate. It was so rich, you'd be a fool to cut yourself a large slice.
I made sure to pack food and pack it right. It's best to do it when people are distracted with games, talking, TV and music. You have the chance to take whatever you want without shame. My household will eat right for a lil bit.
Seems the next gig will be Thanksgiving- will I be around for it? Stay tuned.

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