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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sorry for the neglect....

But I haven't had much to say.

Life's good. Just fine as Miss Mary would say. Blessed with a beautiful man and a son who drives me up a wall but he's a good kid.

Love my job. Grateful the people there make it pleasant. My days just fly by. New responsiblity coming my way starting tomorrow- entering orders. RUH OH!

This weekend, one of my fantasies have come true. I got to do very special pictures and I must admit- they were sexy. Different. When I receive them, I'll be sure to study them closer. I'm my worst critic.

Vegas is coming soon. We are booked and paid for. I cannot wait! Got to get this Grand Canyon thing set up. We dont have a lot of time there and I dont know where to start to book the tour but we MUST get there.

Special project- regaining life back into Lil Chocolate (laptop). It's unfair that it's been sitting, not working and I should pay for repairs. It stopped functioning in less than a year. They can ask for proof of purchase all they want but they will not get one. I understand they need an exact date and all and I can provide that. BUT I cannot provide documentation. Should I get difficulties, I will be writing to HQ of HP and I will not be kind. My honey paid good money in cash for it and neither of us should be forced out of pocket again to repair the thing.

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