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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One more for the road

I spoke to my youngest half sister for the first time on Easter. I texted her happy easter. A few minutes later my phone rang but I'd missed the call. Her mother called with a stern message about how she didnt know who this was and to please stop texting this number. I returned the call to the home and she picked up. asked for my sister and told her who I was and asked 'did you just call my cell phone with that message?' she was embarassed and apologized. I told her i was given the home and cell number and really thought once I gave mine she'd have it in her phone. sister got on the phone and i got one word answers 'yeah' 'no' 'ok'.

she's about the age of my son and i know it was awkward for her but heck it wasn't a fun time for me either. i told her that i hope to see everyone soon and she can give me a call any time..

will she do it? hmmmm

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