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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What the - - -

IS this massive junk emails telling me I've won the lottery, I've inherited some pounds and to be someone's foreign beneficiary??

Did someone tell these people something that Americans do not know? Is there extra money lying around for this gawddamned leeches to suck up? Where's this money? Why haven't I been informed?

I used to get maybe one per day- it has increased to about 6 per day, some in duplicate.

My temptation cries out to respond and give them a piece of my mind. No no, I will not have mercy. I will not be kind. Why should I? They have interrupted my email flow with pure nonsensical (is this a word? lol), premium bullshit!!

And this is what I'd say:

Why the hell should I be YOUR beneficiary? Because you told me 'God Bless You and Your Family'? Because you told me you have cancer? Because you suckered some fool and think you're about to get another? Why should I part with my money? Oh wait minute. What money? Who told you I had money or a bank account? If I had any, why do YOU think I should give you any? How do YOU know my situation? Why do you ask me to care about you but you've never given an ounce of thought about me? Do you think I should feel pity because you are not an American? Did you know that poverty and homelessness are serious problems here? Are you still trying to live in this land of milk and honey? If so, I've got to let you in on a little secret- this is a dirt patch of curd with a sprinkling of (YOU fill it in).

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