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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Where do I start? Do I start with the love of my life, who suffered a mild stroke a few weeks ago? During our anniversary weekend? We made a year on November 6th....He's fully recovered- amen and thank the Lord. I was just happy that I was with him when it'd happened. I was truly tested during that time period. For starters, staying in the ER. I didnt want to let him out of my sight. Next morning, trying to gather myself together to go back to the hospital- bringing fresh clothing and other items. There was the really bad rainstorm that I was caught in- taking the wrong bus and walking through the projects wasn't a great thing to happen either. Moving his car to a spot so he wouldn't be ticketed. Then going back to the hospital to discover I'd left my car keys back at the apt. Paid brother in law's cab fare to the hosp so I could get my keys back. Then I took a day off from the job to be at the hospital. It was nice to see a few faces visiting and cheering him up. Between all of that, I bathed and fed him. I know it was on his mind that this situation could be permanent. I know in his mind he wondered if I was truly a 'ride or die' chick. I didnt think about this being a permanent situation. I was more on the positive side, realizing that therapy would be involved and it'd be a process for recovery.

There was concern for me. I'm 35, still young. Could I- would I- should I- spend my life caregiving- esp to a man whom I'm not married to? Well, he's still my friend and I'd be there for him. That's how I see it.

Thanksgiving weekend was the make up time and I was really content. He was back to himself on Thanksgiving day, chatting it up with family. For the next few days, we were running errands all over the place- and he didnt forget to buy me those very needed jeans. We've gone out to breakfast, bunch and dinner during those days. We've napped, we've slept. We've watched Brokeback Mountain (very good by the way!!). We've done some website work. Just nice to have that quality time again.

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