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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Monday, September 11, 2006

New Month- New Stuff

School has started for the kid. He seems happy- more like relieved. I cannot explain it. His attitude is different. Maybe because Sister C's eyeballs are watching him and he cannot get away with anything. Still a fight to iron the uniform but that's OK. Hasn't been swamped with homework- still early. I think she's setting them up for the big leagues. Ease them into hours of projects and work.

The job? Well, I've updated my resume. I am biding my time. Co worker returned, smiling and whatnot. Do you know how close I came to mentioning that memo? I'll wait though.

Old friend called me up. This is one brotha who will not toss out my number and I dont know why. We were never intimate but he has some kind of attachment to me. Never forgets my parents and the kid, always asks about them. Nice of him to check up on me every so often.

I had received disappointing news about an old classmate of mine. It hurt to hear that he wasn't doing as well as I'd expected. I pray that he improves- he has a little one to think about.

Today marks the 5th year since the World Trade Center attacks occurred. DAMN has it been that long? It does seem like it just happened and I had been crying non stop for about 2 weeks. I remember looking up at buildings, wincing as planes flew by and wondered if anything would happen. Would I be a witness or a victim? Nearly 3,000 families have been shattered because of this heinous crime. Unforgiveable. Unforgetable. I will always remember and have them in my prayers. We, as a whole, will never been safe or secure as long as evil exists.

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