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What's on my mind?

Thursday, August 31, 2006


When your co worker smiles in your face- but writes a memo to the manager about you? Chick calls me her girlfriend and all but. . .

I stumbled across a memo which was sent to our manager about me. The problem at the job is both of us are over worked. There is no or very little coverage. If one of us is out or has a crisis, forget it. Since the receptionist left, it's been downhill and they are not pressed to hire another person.

Anyway, the memo stated she was going through some stress and my situation(s) inconvenienced her. I was very sick and I also had issues with my car. I read one part that said (when I was sick): not only did she not come in, but she had the nerve to ask me to get her work out for her. Now whatever that was, it must have been mailing something out. I've never asked her to do my job. It may have had a deadline or something. Whatever- I needed it to go out when it needed to go out.

She wrote that I 'claimed' my tires and rims were stolen- which they were- and there was no one to cover her for lunch and she had to stay late to close. I was without a car for 2 weeks. Had to leave work to catch 3 buses to get to my son. If I was lucky, I was able to get a ride to Yonkers and then catch a bus to get to my son. Rare, but it happened. She appeared to be sympathetic and understanding. She mentioned that twice she had to cancel appointments at the last minute (and these places would charge her for less than 24 hour cancellation)- because I had to leave early or come in late (buses).

If I have an appt and I come in right before my lunch (noon-1), I insist that I dont take the lunch and she goes on, getting extra time for her lunch. But she says 'no it's ok, take your lunch, go go'. In the memo, she complains that I come in late and take my lunch.

Now I have to work with this trick and it just brought me down.

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