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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Thursday, July 27, 2006


The family picnic/reunion was held indoors at my house. Strangers walking in, not introducing themselves to the home's owners- but introduced themselves to the spread of food on the dining room table. They were family of a distant cousin. Isn't that something. There's to be another cookout in August. Another relative wants to do something in Sept. Funny, last year and prior years, no one wanted to do a damned thing. Suddenly, everyone has cookout fever. Who can afford it? Not this chick!

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Here's an excerpt:

There is a phenomenon that has contributed to the failure and disintegration of our young black hopeful dreamers.

Back in the day, Trell, was one of the most beautiful sisters to be found in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Everyone admired her brilliance as well as her physical features; long black hair, slim build, and oriental eyes. All of her daughters have dipped into her gene pool, for they too, are very attractive young ladies. Guys in the hood would try their best to strike a conversation with Hook females in hopes of a date. To actually bed one would be something of an accomplishment.
Yet the phenomenon presents itself in the hood ten, maybe fifteen years later. We find these once beautiful young ladies on crack or in rehab programs. We see some of the most sought after womenwith children from career criminals.
Some have retained some of their beauty. Drug use and stress have gotten the better of a few. Some that are tricking and it breaks your heart. The girl you went to school with, the one everyone wanted, now would give you the works for $20.00, no, not for drugs entirely, but some to feed hungry mouths… (Please have exact change).
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