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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Yell at me later OK? A chick's been busy. School. Isn't it funny how you think you are high and mighty after you did the graduation ceremony now your mind doesn't want to put in the work for the last class that would have you officially a graduate? That was me. But I did study and do my homeworks. Now I've taken my final and eagerly awaiting the grade. Pray people, pray.

What else has been going on? Child is enjoying day camp and so am I. Worth every penny. He comes back tanned and tired. Mission accomplished. There was an incident where the bus driver let me son off of the bus without an adult being present. I called the director immediately and it was taken care of. Dont worry, the guy's still driving the bus but he's to WAIT until the adult shows up. Dude was being slick.

The website is doing nicely. Have you seen it? No? Surely I've told you about it. www.mrchocolatestuff.com

You can submit stories, poems, pictures, candidates for the contests.....

Recently I attended a wedding of my internet sista. Was very nice. And the blending of cultures was something else. A sight to see. I really wish them the best of luck. I took my first trip down I-95. And I wouldnt mind doing it again. So much better than 13.

My summer's booked. I got what I asked for though. Now I'm overwhelmed. Fam picnic/reunion. Family Day at Prospect Park. Court (dont ask), BBQ with a yahoo group in DC, VA/NC trip. And august will be just about done.

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