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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Friday, February 17, 2006


I'm chatting with my best friend and she tells me something that I found completely mind blowing.

Check this out. She was chilling with a former lover- she claims they are really good friends now- walking around, hanging out and things and he says 'Wait. I have to go into Lane Bryant for something'. She thought he was getting something for her being it was Valentine's Day and all. But he asked her to pick out something for his new girlfriend and then had the cajones to give her the money and tell her to go to the register to pay for it. She told him to go f*ck yourself- LOUD and everyone in the store turned in their direction. He asked why was she acting evil. She said 'go f*ck yourself again' and walked out of the store, got on the bus to head home.

After she told me this, I paused and then asked: you didn't do it did you?
I mean, sometimes we do stupid sh*t without a thought because we have feelings for a person. She said HELL TO THA NAW. And she told me about the walking away. I said 'good for you!'

She says he was completely clueless. Doesn't know WHY she's not talking to him.

. Word of advice. Closer. No closer. WE- that is- the former lover- will NOT select a gawtdamned thing for your new woman. It's unconceiveable and trifling to even think we would be down for that sh*t. Yeah some of us will say we are cool with it. We are over you and all that. Unless this was a mutual, amicible split, we aren't fully over it. Don't talk about the new one to us. Don't ask if we think she'd like this or that. Socks, panties, lingerie, whatever. WE DONT CARE.

Ladies. Word of advice. BEFORE you walk into the store with him- ask this one critical question: are you buying something for me? If he says 'no' (and you know it aint for his momma), turn on your heels beit chicken head slippers, pumps, sneakers, whatever- BREAK THE HELL ON OUT AND LEAVE HIM ALONE. And dont ask a former lover for his input on something you plan on buying for your new man.

This stupidity is why people get shot, stabbed and maimed.

We discussed the level of dumb for this male. I said surely he couldn't be THAT stupid. She replied 'yeah he is'. . . .but ummm what does that make her, right? This is yet another dumb thing he's done to her- and she still talks to him. Oh well . . .I love her like a sister but......

I told her I would have done one of two things:
Option 1: Throw the money in his face and walk away
Option 2: Keep the money and walk away. Hell I may even sprint just to give him a challenge . . .

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