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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Thought Provoking Question

"Is an black intelligent male a threat to black women..."? My response:

NOT FOR THIS SISTER! I love it! I have a brainy one in my circumference and it's invigorating. Makes for very good conversations and debate! We dont see each other dominant over the other, which is great. There are no stupid questions or ridiculous answers. Comfort level for our intelligence is fab because we can approach each other with anything. He may be knowledgeable with certain subjects and I do my thing too. Perhaps it's because of my constant thirst for knowledge and my desire to learn new things, concepts and ideas. That frightens a lot of people because they are comfortable with what they know and aren't looking to change- or even yet- feel that with this new acquired knowledge, they will be controlled in some kind of way. I also have a knack for teaching and passing on a few gems that I've learned along the way and that information is accepted by most. This helps a relationship thrive IMO. We both know we dont know EVERYTHING but we know somethings and can pass the info back and forth, therefore both are learning and teaching from/to each other. It helps to correct misinformation too. A time or two I've said something that was incorrect, was given their input and I researched it, found their point was correct and went back to them and was able to say 'ok, my mistake, i didn't know/realize this was like that'. People have a difficult time doing that- admitting they were wrong or have made an error.
***Another Question*** Really try to dig in and put your imagination to work on this. Even though you are and intelligent woman, what would you feel if your guy was almost always right about everything that came up and you found yourself in a position where you were almost always wrong? Would that intimidate, annoy or scare you?
My response: I dont think it would intimidate me or scare me- it'd certainly annoy me. lol. But it leaves room for me to figure out why it's happening. Maybe my arguments aren't strong enough. Maybe he's very experienced in it and I'm not focusing on that- just focusing on trying to be right. Again, I crave learning and knowledge, more than likely I would ask him to provide me with proof of things so I can 'always' be right too. It's not a trust issue, I wouldn't be doubting his words or his intellect but as a service to myself, try to gain what he's gained and apply it.


Anonymous said...

So this is where you hide to spout your opinions unchallenged.LOL!!!Longwinded does not equal intelligence.

chris mosley said...

It depends on the intelligence. A lot of blacks that live in AmeriKKKA strive only for academic intelligence. Those are the ones the Anglo power structure uses to "keep us in our place". Therefore that "intelligent" man is a definite harm to our Afrikan queens because they take on (unknowingly most times)the cause of the Anglo power structure which ALWAYS harms our Afrikan queens. Now an academically, socially, spiritually intelligent will uplift that woman for he will be lead by God and won't fall for the obvious trap of the Satan lead Anglo power structure.