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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Monday, January 30, 2006


This chick does not feel well today but I still have to do my thing. It's been a busy weekend. Sick and I still handled mine. For my special guy, I prepared him a meal on Saturday. I was on wifey duty and didn't mind. I had this new burst of energy- curse this nuturing, caring nature! Who am I to clean house and make food? I dont live there! But I didnt mind! I wanted him to be loved and appreciated when he got home. I think he was deserving of a good meal. Our days are so busy, come and go, we never take the time to check ourselves- so why not enjoy having someone check you? What's wrong with being pampered and looked after? He enjoyed the love and it was all good.

He's one of a kind and I'm grateful for his presence and being. He's just being me. We had a convo and found that, with our being ourselves, we were phenominal to each other. How nutty is that? We are just being normal and yet, we are very fascinated.

Was me made for me? hmmmmmm

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