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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Today was my girl's birthday. I couldn't give her the stripper she always wanted but I did the best I could. I took her and the kid to The Cheesecake Factory. She got the surprise of her life when they sang the lil happy birthday diddy and put a scoop of sprinkled ice cream in front of her. Yes the baby had to get some too- had her spoon ready to dive in. I was glad I made her day. The great weather helped a lot. I ended up getting Shorty a DVD (Clifford aka Cliffa lol). I guess she's needing her library to expand a bit. I'll be more than happy to do that. I got 2 movies- Robots and Chocolate Factory- yeah you'd think they were for WJL but they were really for me. hahahhaa.

I met Brandon. He's OK but he needs work. I just hope she doesn't get all tied up with him. She could do better. MUCH BETTER.

It's about 6pm. I'm about to go to bed. No dinner for me either. Just that delicious fudge cake from CCF.

My gifts made it down to NC. Yesterday! I am shocked but she said 2 day guarantee. I didn't count Saturday for delivery and thought it'd get down there Tuesday. I'm glad that K's gift got to her on time.

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