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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Saturday, October 01, 2005


The other day, I was driving home and traffic in a lane was slow.
I saw the po po lights and knew something was up- they were
checking cars. At the same time, I heard a
helicopter fly by- seemed to me they were looking for someone.
A cop ran towards a police car- something
was on the radio and all of the cops were just jumping
into cars and speeding off. The police jumped in a police
car closest to me- 4 men, 3 got in and there was one who
thought he was a star, tried to jump in
but the car was driving off....cop is chasing the car.
took a few seconds for the driver to realize
he was a man short- he stopped and let the cop in (who was
looking around to see how stupid the whole thing looked).
oh me and my son were dyinnnnnnnnnnnnnn looked like that typical
chase scene when the person goes to the cab and says
'follow that car' and it speeds off...

Not much going on these days. Spoke to NR.
She's asking me for answers to that big relationship
I kept it real- told her she's not ready.
And she asked when-
please, my ass was stuck on stupid.

Today, first day of the term. would you believe
first class- there was no class?
Second class I liked a lot. Very informative.
I ordered my books- including TS book.
Now I pray that I get them before the week is up.

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