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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Monday, October 03, 2005


Oh yes, Folks. I went shopping yesterday and finally realized what was really out there- hootchie wear. I had to hit every store and seek out career wear and stay clear from the party wear. I saw so many nice things for parties- of course I dont go to any but at least I know where to go if ever invited to one. Maybe for the dinner party, I'll go back and get something together. Me and the kid shopped, walked, rested, walked and shopped. Impossible to stick with one place. Didn't do too badly with either of us. Did I mention my feet are still killing me??
Yesterday, they were barking. Today, it's somewhat of a low whimper. lol..

Now it's time to pay those bills. GASP.

I had my moment of fame and fortune and now I'm back down to hauling my tail to the nearest Coinstar machine. **CTFU** I will admit it. I've come a long way financially. This daily budget thing is an eye opener for sure. I can't keep asking 'where'd my money go?' By next summer, I should be where I need to be.

I cannot remember what day my filtration processing is but I'm enjoying it. Sure, it's a bit lonely but I'll get over it. It's less stressful, less costly and I have more time to myself- focusing on writing and other things. I'll be hitting up my Yahoo and AOL IM's and begin deleting. . .

Check this out- why did my other ID get hacked? How? I changed the password just 2 months ago. I sign out and everything. Jacked AGAIN. This is some b.s. for real.

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