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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Last night, it poured so hard, if you didnt have an umbrella or swimming skills, you were assed out. I couldn't believe the rain. And this clown actually thought I was going to roll with him. He said 'dont let the rain stop us from meeting'. That's all fine and good but this was beyond rain and I'm not jeopardizing my safety for some meeting. STAY TUNED because he's left messages and frankly- I'm not in the mood for the chit chat.

I got my other book for school yesterday. Go figure when I could have used it yesterday. I enjoyed the ECommerce class and I love the Medical class but classbook.com didn't send the workbook. You know I've emailed them AND called leaving a message. All of the descriptions- for the new AND used said the same things- there was a workbook that goes with the textbook. OK- so where the hell is my workbook? I dont want to keep borrowing and copying from someone else! Anyway, I have the pleasantness of not having morning class for 2 weeks. Can you see me smiling? That means I can hang out Friday nights and be able to function the next morning.

Today was nuts. Wm decided to help himself to something to drink, spending my money with MY change. Craziness. And Ma says to 'lighten up'? WHUT??? This is one of the many things that send me over the edge. Distance is good I suppose and I'm working on it. He didn't want to go with me to see TH so I had to pick up NR and the baby and go to the place. Her place is really nice and she's carrying well. Yes, she's miffed about carrying a boy but what can she do? What's funny is that I dreamt I was sitting for a baby girl. Wasn't mine and I was changing her for the mother (whomever she was). NR said there's no way in hell but hey, it could happen. . . .We visited TH to discuss the shower. The madness and unorganization. Her friend's cut loose. I understand how she feels though. The chick planned all these things and really, as her closest friend, this should have been done first. She screwed up and I hope NR can pick up the pieces. Had a ball with the baby. She's talking a mile a minute and I was helping her with her colors. Everything is either yellow or pink. hahahah..

I showed her Titillating Souls and she loved it. Almost messed up my copy and I was about to hurt a chick real fast.

You know I'm heated because I have to work tomorrow. But it's all for the best- my time off will come soon. Just watch!

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