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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Could someone please tell me why old boy wont stop calling me, leaving messages that he's thinking about me? He's met me once. Granted, we do have nice talks but doggoneit stop calling me every frickin day, 3-4x a day- I've got shyt to do.

I had a chat with ME about my problem and friendship. He pegged it right. I'm dealing with people who are unworthy of my time and efforts. He did say for me not to feel badly about doing good things. I dont feel badly about it, more like TIRED. I do good because I want to, not because I want something in return. However, it's a known fact that in order for a human to survive, they need LOVE. So shit, I wonder if I'm slowly dying due to lack of. I feel a bit better after our chat and have determined to start my filtration system ASAP, eliminating the fakes ones, feel me.

I had a nice talk with Michael from LA. Very nice fella. Do you know he was talking about coming up here? I have no place to put him. lol..

I'm still excited about the anthology being in print now. I do wonder who gets the money. Rema said she's buying like 50 copies to give to friends and family and also get to a nubian bookstore. I dont know how many I'd buy to give as gifts or whatever. I dont know how much Loc put out of her pocket to make this happen. All new to me but I'll ask and find out.

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