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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Money brings out the ugly in people. That, I discovered today. I asked a question and was accused of being slick and implying something. My question was 'When the book is bought, who gets the money?' WHO was changed to I by a contributor and obviously, the question was misinterpreted. Where that came from, I dont know but that's something she'll have to deal with. Already knowing there are printing costs as well as other costs when it comes to putting a book together, I wanted to know there purchase monies were going. I personally am not interested in 'getting paid' for my writings. It's something I enjoy. Not something that I aspire to do. Writing is a hobby for me. Others have their own agendas to follow and best of luck to them. What was said was very hurtful- my intentions are true. My question innocent. I guess when people are insecure about themselves, it comes out. How she thought she and 2 others were pocketing money was beyond me. OH THE FUCK WELL.

I get the hair done. It's an emergency. Cannot be seen in this way. I can't wait.

Fam is going for the weekend. You'd think I'd have some kind of respite. I suppose I do. I'll get these baskets done and stuff like that. Car washed, clean the house a bit. Maybe DW will stop by with that fuggin laptop and we can play catch up and go out to dinner. Who knows? I'll call him tomorrow..

What do you know? I walk into the shop and Lyn's there getting prettied up for the wedding. So I drove her home and stopped in to say howdy. I have the feeling that I'll be working on that computer for Auntie- she said she has some stories on there and couldn't find them.

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