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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Ever have times when it seems nothing's going right? Makes you crazy, dont it? Yesterday's tiff had me reeling ALL day. In addition to my very fading relationship. Falling apart and I am not interested in picking up the pieces. Was an OK run but I've got to be real. 2005 was wack. And it's September. Year's over. I loved driving down to NC for the first time. I enjoyed PA. But dammit, I should have been doing so much more. Patience has worn thin with mf's.

TR group is no longer doing contests. Here I am, working on my entry- should I continue since I'm the only one who's responded? My question is: what happened? There was a spark there. Everyone was charged and supportive- and now, it's blah. No one's participating. Very unfortunate.

Spoke to Danny today. He's going to have to keep his ass over there. Not only did he call about 3x, but got all hostile when I returned his call the next day. I had to tell him to calm down. Let a sista breathe! He's full of compliments and nice words- but is he like everyone else?

I got the last items for the fudge and the danish. I'm wondering how would I package the fudge without it getting everywhere, ya know? I'll keep thinking about that. I can't wait to taste it. All that damn sugar, I'm sure I'll get the hit I need....

Tomorrow I'm supposed to meet WC. Dont know what time or where but I'll find out. Seems very nice. I'll let y'all know. lol

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