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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Friday, September 23, 2005

I AM FREE! and dont hate either!

Fam is GONE for the weekend. My freedom started at exactly 3:45am. Had to get up, get the kid ready, make him a decent breakfast, get the boy motivated. He started to wake up after about an hour. 5:25. Cab is honking. They are out the door. Door locks. I fall asleep until 7:45. Now I tried to be cute. I'll admit it. I thought I could turn the alarm off when it rang and catch another 15 mins. I get up after 8:15. Nicky's hauling serious ass. I also had the nerve to go to the store to get muffins for me and Neens and those cookies. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED- Chips Ahoy 100% Whole Grain. Could I munch on them all day? Hell yeah. . .

I spoke to WC and we are indeed meeting at 42nd. I dont feel like driving anywhere near there but I'll do it. Probably park in the uppers and walk down. Will I find parking without getting a ticket? Wish me luck! I guess we are going to the movies. He said he didn't care what he saw. Maybe we can see 4 Brothers. I'm so out of touch, I dont know what's out there anymore.

Called DW and he had me laughing first thing in the morning about his kids and Chuck E. Cheese. Only 5 games worked. I was rollin. He said he would hang with me tomorrow- he's to meet me at Carol's Daughter. I guess he'll follow me home. It will be nice to see him.

Spoke to Danny (aways tinkin bout meh). We're to meet on Sunday at VC Park. We'll see...

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