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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Monday, September 26, 2005


All of last week, I made plans with a fella whom I chatted with ages ago but had never met. Friday would be the night. Being he was in Manh already, the plan was for me to go down str8 from work and meet him. I drive like a maniac and see my tank is low. As Fate would have, I decided to get off the hwy near my house, fill the tank up, run and feed the cat, use the bathroom, and check my messages. He calls the home phone to tell me he'd be running a little late. If you know I'm on the road- why call my home phone? ANYWAY....I find parking (quel surprise) but I had to walk to 42nd to meet him. So- we meet. Not a bad looking guy- the pic I saw sucked. He's the type of guy who has a good eye for fashion and things. Will tell you in a minute if you dont look right. I'd go shopping with him because he's extremely observant. You know the type. Cool as a friend but nothing more. We did the hug-pat thing, walk into the theater to buy tix for Flightplan (very good). We had time to kill and went to Coldstone for ice cream. He's talking a mile a minute, which is fine but I catch him staring at me. He tells me he likes my skin, my hair, my hands, my mouth, my eyes. . During the previews, he's talking about how he is. Sometimes he gets touchy feely- he likes to hold hands and rub knees. also is not afraid to cry during a touching scene. and went on to tell me 'real men cry'. ...after the movie he walks me back to the car. by this time, he's got us married and he's moving down with me to NC. He's made several hints about him being my husband. . We did a peck kiss on the lips. He let out a whoop and got out. Called me when he got home and was all happy and shyt. I figured he'd be OK for a lil bit. Saturday morning, he left a msg on my cell, quoting Shakespeare's 'a rose is a rose by any other name until a person's been kissed by Nickapow'.....
Saturday, after school I went to Carol's Daughter in Harlem. An old friend was to meet me there but had some running to do. I was not about to spend all day down there. I got my goodies and went home. Dude STILL wasn't ready to stop by. I started making fudge and danish for my parents' baskets. When I was done, I didn't give a rat's ass how I looked. I was tired. He finally arrives all late- and WITHOUT THE LAPTOP HE SAID HE GOT ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY. I asked him where it was, get the f out- no present,no love. He said he'd run out and buy me a present. Bruh, it's 10pm. There aint sh*t out there I want at 10pm. I put the baskets together while he watched TV. Eventually, he fell asleep, mouth all open,snoring. And was talking about partying down in Manh. . He leaves 2am. I'm SCREAMING for sleep.
If you even thought I was meeting the JA stutterer, y'all were seriously mistaken. lol. I was beat. Still ran errands, still had to deliver my presents to my cousins, still took them to Uno's and to Coldstone, still had to drive them back home and then drive my ass home. Guess who calls 8pm? I didn't pick up. If we talked about meeting in a park and you know it's some big old scary park- why call me when it's dark like ya still gonna meet me?
I've found AG's number. He's listed. I should get the ball rolling for this dinner for NR in November. I dont want her to know the guys are coming. Just want them to show up.

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alli-babe said...

YOU were busy huh?...good! 'Cause my flass sat in bed all weekend..doing nothing...lol
First time here...will check back :-)