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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sucka Free Saturday

I flew like a bat outta hell to get to school and forgot one critical thing- my cell phone. hahaha.. But I felt free for a change. Not bound on checking it every 2 minutes.

School was ok. I also got my Missy CD back. I dont know what to do for old girl though. My final project is alright. I'm still searching for that disk with the scrabble pics. Maybe I'm trippin but I'm not careless like that. How could these pics just disappear?

Now I came home at a decent time, spoke to WC, who was to call me within an hour to wake me up. Think he did? I wonder what that was about?

JVJ left me a VM on my cell around 4pm. I wonder why.

DW called and left me a message- you know I had to return the call to find out what happened to my laptop- which isn't quite purple he says- it's like a bloody maroonish color. He also lives in A.C.- now here's the question- am I going to see him next weekend or is he gonna front?

CW and I had a nice chat this evening. He asked a very profound question and I told him simply that all he has to do is come to NY and stake his claim. Will he? Stay tuned Coco fans....

Tomorrow, Food Emporium is looking for volunteers from 9am-2pm to help box and sort items for Katrina victims. I know I'll be up by 10am- I just may stop by.

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