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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Friday, September 09, 2005

Yes It's Friday!

I went to the dr.'s and found out I lost 5lbs. I dont know how but I'm happy. Now if we could add a zero to that . . .

SNIFF- It's Catherine's last day. She's flying to London with her family. I told her to leave early. She's been very helpful- I was going to ask Weezy if we could please keep her. lol...I got a lot done while she was here.

K picked up William and it was all good. I do wish her the best of luck and it's a shame she's got that sister drama. Maybe she should really consider moving if she knows she'll be ok down in SC. I know I would not be going through that if I was living there. Sister would get jacked up. I'm not one for fighting but with the way K was describing things, ONCE is all it'd take and it's a wrap.

WJL's room is coming along nicely- the issue of curtains was brought up- I've completely forgot about that. Now it's left up to me to pick the color? Oh boy. lol...

Didn't get to see M.E.- I hope to see WC tomorrow.

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