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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Saturday, September 17, 2005


I got a 97 on my exam. YEAHHHHHHHHHH. She said to me that she knew I'd be miffed about it, wondering where those 3 pts went. lol. I am just too damn hard on myself but I bet I could fault myself for not being too careful. I make small formatting errors or I tend to miss a step. Things like that could mess with certification. NOTE TO SELF: BE MORE CAREFUL!!!

Miss Thang came in and sat next to me and I'm wondering why. She thought I was going to help her. Well, copy my work. That's some ole b.s....Net class was very challenging- and I thought doing web pages and codes was fun. What the hell was I smokin? And I told her I've noticed that almost every tech person I know wears glasses from doing this shyt. Aint good for the eyes...

Next week is the last week for the term. It flew by so quickly. Next term it's E-Commerce and Medical Practices.

ME invited me over. Maybe minutes after I started to lay down. Tired as hell but I figured it was time. Looks delicious on cam- what the hell am I gonna see in person?? The weather was right (rainy) and I had nothing to do. Stop making excuses, had no plans. I shower, I dress, I do my toes. I get the call about an emergency and here I am. Yeah I'm disappointed but things happen so unexpectedly. I will say it was nice that he called on me to hang out. Maybe another time.

Should I go to the movies? There's so many things I want to see though. I wonder what happened to O.

You know what? I need friends. Reliable, no half steppin friends.

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