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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Friday, September 16, 2005

Foolish Friday

You would think I'd be all amped about Fridays, right? No plans, no body. A shitload of DVDs and have no push to watch them.

I may set aside $10 just for me. See a movie. Treat myself to a dinner. Roll solo- ya know?

SPRINT is . . .

Let me tell you. For MONTHS I've been complaining about text messaging. Hey, it's cheaper than actually calling some mofos. Why is it acting shitty when I want to start a message or respond to one? They don't go through and they can't tell me why. Then the vibe mode stopped working. Aint that some shit? The phone had to stay with them all day. They can physically fix things but when it comes to networking issues- gotta handle that with customer care. I get the phone back, vibe is working. Text messaging still isn't working- and this is AFTER I've called CC and they supposedly reset my phone or did some nonsense that didn't help- and I lost my friends list. My lazy ass sure nuff sent my people IM's asking them to text me so I could save them to my phone. That's better than looking everyone up, aint it? There's a certain person that hasn't done it yet. Oh well.

Now that person has issues. But you know what? It's all good. I liked the '04 version MUCH better. I'm having funky feelings and they are NOT going away either.

School tomorrow- cant wait to find out what my grade for my exam was. I am supposed to be going out with O. Let's see what happens...

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