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What's on my mind?

Friday, September 02, 2005



I SURVIVED SCHOOL SHOPPING!! Let me tell you. My game planned worked. First of all, I trekked to 3rd Ave in The Boogie- which is the shopping Mecca of the Bronx. Plus it was tax free week? Chilllllleeeee...I will say I got the help I needed. It wasn't too bad. Didn't have to stand in the long lines. Walked up to the cashier. Spent the amount I wanted to spent. Jetted to Staples in The Bronx- THEY HAD EVERYTHING I NEEDED! ^5^5^5. I spent what I wanted. I mean I came home with change people. Just enough to gas the tank (then again, can I really afford it?)

The convoy came for the Katrina victims. IT'S ABOUT FUCKIN TIME! Days? When people throughout the US are providing assistance within HOURS?? Why didn't they use old army bases, schools, convention centers or hospitals to house those turned away from the Astrodome? Why is the Red Cross acting fool? My mother told me the head said some b.s. about how they don't provide relief until AFTER the emergency. But they were there ASAP when the Tsunami hit. Anyway.....I think a lot of heads will roll because of this delay.

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