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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

WhOa WeDnEsDaY

There is another level I have reached in Motherhood.
My son was sent to the store for the first time. I wasn't a witness to this- my mother did the honors because she knew I wasn't ready for him to cross Riverdale Avenue (Speedway of Yonkers) with a couple of dollars for a small loaf of bread.
She said she wouldn't call me at work and tell me what happened. Left me waiting alllllllllllllllllll day, wondering if the child was road kill or if he got jumped on his way to the corner store.
I come home- I hear the boom of the Legos 2 PC game- HE'S ALIVE! and yes, there's bread. lol
My mother said she snook (lol) a watch to see if he'd be alright- he said he'd be back in 10 minutes. Before she could run back into the house, he was already on his way back swinging the little black bag.
Why Wednesdays: brewing from last weds eve to today.
*why did dude tell me 'you're not lucy working the candy line just dump the berries in'?
*why are all the white people asking me if i cut my hair (it's slicked down)?
*why is this techie freak mad because he got busted?
*why did my son say he's got a lil sister when i know i haven't done a damned thing?
*why was dude standing over me holding a meat cleaver with a crazed look on his face?
*why did i tell him to please cut me so i wouldn't have to go to work in the morning?
*why did he ask me when did i start falling in love with him?
*why did old boy tell me he was thinking about me but wont tell me what he was thinking?
*why did i hear myself snoring in the car during my power nap?
*why did this trick tell me she lost my Missy CD?
*why did I think I could eat 2 of those foot long burritos?
*why does this lady think i'm the color printer queen?
*why can't i get out of the viridian room?
*why did the kid's aunt think i cared if her brother's in the hospital?
*why am i still stressing over this day care issue?
*why did Rema's lil one shave her brow?
*why did I hear my son ask his grandfather could he shave?
*why did my stylist tell me she totally forgot about my appt being almost 2 hours late?
*why did the power cut off while i was under the dryer and the icy man just appeared out of nowhere?

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