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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Poochie's In Tha Pen

Loc Said:
Hey guys, last night I saw something that was quite disturbing to me and wanted to share it with you guys. On my way home I saw a bunch of police cars and flashing lights at a local corner store and I stopped because I was curious and there were a whole bunch of black people around crying and screaming.

So, after I park and walk towards the crowd of folks I'm asking ppl what happened and they are all crying too hard and can't tell me so I keep moving towards the center where the cops are. I see them arresting someone and calling in for back-up like they have some hardened criminal or something, so I'm really curious now. As I finally get close enough to see what's happening I noticed some little legs hanging from the back of the squad car and I gasp. I'm like, what the hell is going on? The closer I looked I realized that I recognized who it was. It was lil' Poochie being arrested. He was laid face down on the back of the police car with his lil’ monkey legs hanging spread-eagled (they were too short to touch the ground so they were just hanging there all willy-nilly).

I asked the officer what happened, and the guy says that Poochie was being arrested for stealing. Obviously he was caught red-monkey-handed stealing some gummy bears, a pack of bubbalicious, and a water gun from the corner store.

I was so devistated- I had to respond. Poochie was in jail and needed some correspondence. Here's my letter to him:

If anyone's written or received a letter from a con,
this would look very familiar to you . . .

DATE: 8/19/05
TIME: 2:09PM
SONG: 'MUSIC' by Madonna

Dearest Poochie,

I hope this scribe finds you in the best of mental, physical, and spiritual health.
How are you Boo? Now Poochie. You know full well ya ass dont belong in da clink.
Do you know what they may do to you? How long you got?
All this because of candy? Da hell's wrong with you?
But I have to ask- what kind of Bubblicious you palmed?
Was it the Pink Lemonade one? Aint that shit good though?

Loc was tellin me you need funds for the commissary.
How much are we talkin here? You know I've got to get my hair done.
You know with color it's more. I wasn't plannin on your being on
MY budget but you'll find out that I've sent you a few bills to your account.
I know it doesn't kick in for about 2 weeks so you'll have to ride the bitch out.
I might send Moni with a package. I know the rules with the food already.
You can have fresh fruits and veggies, you can have canned goods and boxed things.
Hey you may eat better there than you do at home.
OOOOPS- dont tell ya Mama I said that.

Anyway, keep ya head up and tell Shyne I said 'whazzup'. LOL


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