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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sunday Funday

Why do I bother being on time? Just when I thought the whole BPT thing was squashed, it's brought back up again. My gut instinct said to call yesterday to remind her I was coming at 11am. me and this child are waiting out there and the number I had wasn't working. he needed his haircut and KH was to take him to the barber shop. If he hadn't told me it was around the corner, I wouldnt know what to do. And strangely, one of the barbers was parked across from me. He asked 'you need a barber?' what are the odds of THAT happening? nice shop, no waiting, open on Sunday and it was $10. I was just too happy because he cut it just the way I wanted without me saying much. KH still never came by either. That's some foulness. I wanted to show him the pictures from the party. Oh well. He was already complaining about how hot it was.

I get the hair done. it's cut shorter. I love it. i've adjusted to the color and being called 'red' all day by Jim. I head home because I dont know where the hell Hustleman is at. I dont know why he thought I'd just sit around waiting for him. Soon as I hit YO he calls. He's in the Bronx. lol. I went home, went back to the shop. He looked sooooooooooooooooooooooo good. All chocolately and thick. The tattoos just bangin. Sweat dripping down his bald head. Oh yeah- so he's getting his hustle on while I'm staring and losing all sense of direction and time. I ordered a bunch of bags- I just have to remember that. He loves to do that stealth thing on me. I told him what I needed was those wristlets- Christmas is coming. Why are people surprised I'm shopping NOW? when those blizzards hit, my ass wont be out there scrambling for gifts. I'll be home in my bed with footies on. Anyway, he may or may not have some orders from the shop. I tried. Even tried Auntie's. no one home. I know I hauled tail before the storm hit.

I came home exhausted. Getting hair done is really a full time job.

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