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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Monday, August 15, 2005


You know I was stressing about JVJ coming for dinner. I call him up, he doesnt know what he wants and just came up with something to eat. Mac & cheese, I've noticed is a staple for him. We bicker. Why? Because this clown knows I'm tryin to be pork-free and his fool ass wanted pork chops. I wasn't tryin to make a dinner for him. What about everyone else in the house? I flew to the store after work, flew home and started cooking. Purple dress and Spongebob flip flops. I was a sight, that's for sure. My nerves are shot because it's been years since I made pork chops. I went with instinct and cooking sense and did the best I could. Kel left a message about AOL being admitted to the hospital. I was so busy smiling and feeling evil I didn't listen to the rest of it. Flicked my cell closed and kept on moving like nothing happened. 8pm JVJ calls asking if he should leave his house. I'm heated. Why? I told him to come 8:30, 9pm. He rolls in like 10pm. I'm yawning and shyt. Heating food up. The end result was his belly was full. The chops was a success and he went home with a container of the reminder of m&c. But of course. I am glad I took some for lunch. I even had a broken up chop left. I dont know where all the meat went. 8 chops. I had one. He had 2. Who the hell ate 5? Was nice to see him as usual. He stayed late. And his fool ass didn't call to let me know he got home either. Thinks he's grown but I've got something for his grown ass.

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