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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Saturday, August 13, 2005


So I get to school, ready to work and things and this chick tells me Imma kill her because she lost my Missy CD. she said she didnt know what she did with it, just remembered she put it in her bag. I asked if it was between her books and she said she looked. I was like 'keep up the search'.. my mind was already digging her grave. As I handed her the CD i told her 'guard her with your life'. she was all smiles and shit and look. you know i was hot as hell... that's on top of it being 100 degrees outside. When it was time for the test, I moved to another seat. I was already tired of her asking me how to do this and that and i wanted to focus on MY test, i aint takin 2 tests! she came back to class with that 'oh i see you moved heffa'... i told her she gets no love until Missy's back into my hands. Yeah I said it. WHUT.

During break i ran to the store and to my fave spot- Sally's. Hey I almost forgot the hair was getting done tomorrow and I needed my kit. I can't believe I trekked like that- what was I ON?? Sweat was pouring off of me too. It was so hot that the food I heated up before I left was still warm. Now you KNOW that's some craziness. Second class, I moved a seat away because old girl is just too lost. She's lost for no reason. I wanted to focus on my work and did just that, eating those delicious cookies from the cafeteria- those bastards upped the price. Didn't stop me though.

I came out of class and flew home to an empty house. I felt like I needed something to do and it wasn't sleep. For a change I felt rested. I went online and played that crazy Crimson room game..

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