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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Monday, August 29, 2005

Resettin Mofo

JVJ is on some resettin b.s. Done screwed up last Weds and tried to get me to go out there today. Is he nuts??? He knows the schedule. Nice try, but uhhh I DONT THINK SO. Was nice talking to him as usual. I was CTFU by the time we hung up. He's missed. Weds is going to be ridiculous. Present giving and lovin. Aint nothin like it.

I can't believe I was at work at 8:30 this morning. Nina called me at 6:18am. I thought I would lose my mind. When that phone rang, it was like a frickin Bat signal. No OT though. Stuck it out like a champ until 5:15. And WF is a pain in the ass, calling about the temp twice a day. Bring a fan, bring a sweater- work the shit out already.

All I know is that I'm glad no one's bothering me about having the kid at the job. It's going to be interesting when school starts too. With me having to run back and forth for 2 weeks. *SIGH*

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