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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Now That's Some Ole . . .

Aint do a thing today. Why should I? I do enough already. I did go downtown to do my Coach run. That was fun. This guy and I had a quick convo. I was telling the lady to cook my crab sticks a bit more, make them dark like me. Light skinned fella put his hand near mine and said I was maybe a shade darker than himself. I told him I just want it cooked and crunchy. lol.. He said light skinned men were making a comeback. I said they never left. I like all shades as long as they do me good. lol

And I need more wristlets. Great Christmas idea for the girls. It's not too expensive and I could put a nail polish and a lipstick inside of each of them. Or something else if I see it. I still haven't really thought of what to get W for Christmas or his birthday.

I'm getting a little better. Baby steps. I'm so stressed I'm tired of stressin- how crazy is that?

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