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What's on my mind?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

LMAO in L.I. - 2/This is some BS

Imma have a few choice words for this site. Why cant I have long drawn out blogs like everyone else? HATERATION!!

Anyway, it was time for me to leave- I was pulled back to lie down again. Tempting, but no- sista had to break out. He fussed that baby fuss. I do understand it. I really didn't want to go. If only I lived a couple of blocks away. He loved my hair- WHEW

and the car acted funky. I do hope it was the alarm. I got a boost- oh the fun- and was on my way. I'm sure I turned the lights off. Everything inside was working. I think it was me being tired and the alarm was buggin. Figures. My dark knight saved the day. He said 'what would you do without me?' I told him 'I have no idea, but thank you'.. and I zipped off.
OH yeah. the B.S. Court seemed OK- but youknowwho didn't show up. I also didn't have proof he was served nor did CS. Again, defeated. I had no way of calling him because the cell was in the car and I didn't know if his was working. Frustrated, I walked out crying. I cried all the way to the car. 8 years of this. I went to the store to get something for 'brunch'- turns out Stop N Shop makes sandwiches and they made me a great one too. I think she was trying to be funny- she packed that puppy like it was on a hero. $4.49. And I got some Orange-Carrot juice. I needed some 'good' sugar. I blended it with water to get that into my system too. Half of a sandwich and some OC. I do wish I had those M&M's. I kilt them yesterday. lol. As I was shopping, he called, apologizing for not showing up at court. WHATEVA. Claims he'll give me the cash in my hands in 2 weeks. I told him that's fine but CS will still have him behind. I urged him to talk to CS and SS and have it garnished- that way, it's not late and no one's being hassled. He claims he had to deal with SS anyway- but does this mean he'll do something for WJL as well?

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