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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Rema of TR asks:Drink ya wine and talk to me....

When was your last mind blowing sexual experience?

How about including some details for me.

*quietly sipping on Remy Red and feelin a mite bit chatty*

Will exclude this morning's activities. **YAWN**

I'd say 2 weeks ago- maybe 3. I know I'm constantly being reminded about 'the cycle' every week. The build up is brutal. If someone's not getting it at least twice a week, this is what happens:

I remember something being ripped and thrown across the room. and no Ladies, it wasn't my Spongebob flip flops this time. The savagery was phenominal. My fault for not keeping the cycle rotating. Everything happened way too fast. I was sucking like a porn star. I couldn't help it- that's what I do. Then I got up and rode him, got off and sucked again. My ass was being rubbed and spanked. I saw him 'whiteball' as my ex called it (eyes rolling into his head) as I deep throated (hey I'm gettin good at that shit). That's the first time I did that too. I rode like a jockey, I gripped, I kissed, I scratched, I bit. He sat up and flipped me over and lifted my legs up- and over my head and wooooooooooooo wee. Curse his brute strength- first man to EVER pick me up, flip me and do everything else. According to him- I'm light- try telling that to my mfin scale. My legs were eased down to V and he showed me no mercy. And when he cums. Oh my ego is flyinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. And my kegels get to work on that dick.