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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Thursday, August 04, 2005


So I get all prettied and primped for LI. Seemed to take me hours. I was truly hoping to get there before the darkness hit but that wasn't happening.

I walk in. Was not greeted at the door (the nerve of some ppl)- because he was doing Sims. However, I got a front row seat in his lap to see the action. Gave me an idea of what to expect should I ever get the online version. He said he could get me a good deal on a laptop and asked how much I wanted to spend. SAY WHAT? Spend? Who's got extra $ to spend? Anyway, I'll keep that in mind maybe for a grad gift. I got to help out, type a few things in- and did I mention I was sitting on the lap this whole time? Was great. I got hugs and kisses. Didn't want to get up. But SOMEONE was hungry. We drove down 231 to find eats- ended up at Checkers- saw Wendy's AFTER we left Checkers. I was heated. I just wanted the nuggets. A taste of heaven for 99 cents. Oh well, I'll remember for the next time. Besides, I think Wendy's has a healthier menu selection (duh, did a speech on it 2 terms ago). We get back to the house and pop in 'Walking Tall' with The Rock (YUMMMMMMM). Was pretty decent movie. Ate and laid. I know that's not a good thing to do. I was supposed to stay active for at least an hour before lying down. His fault. He looked so comfy. I gave him my writing dedicated to him. Since it was in an envelope and all he asked me if they were paternity papers (I was CTFU). That does give me an idea of a prank that I'll play in the near future. I dont remember when he had the chance to read it but said it was 'very nice' and thanked me. That's it? That's all I get? I poured my heart into those 5 or 6 sentences! We missed each other with the tickling and joking and giggling. I say my words- the ones I've been practicing for like 3 months now. Didn't come out the way I practiced.

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