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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Thursday, August 04, 2005


I'm still wondering how I got caught up in it. I think I have some nice feet. I have footmen waiting to ogle or sniff. Whateva. lol. I've done 3 phoTOE (go ahead Vince I know you want to laff) shoots with a footman who's got it really bad. Imagine posing using various polishes and props and the end result is 400+ pics? Next time around, the amount increases to about 700. the next- about 800. i've got them all on CD. I personally am a picky footlover. if they dont look right i wont touch or kiss them. end of story. lol.. freelance foot model is my title.

there's a world one would not be ready to delve in unless they can understand the 'foot thing'. it's not all of a sudden. it's been building and there are so many men and women who've got it bad- they will travel far and wide for footlovin. for me- i'd stare at my feet and compare them with other feet. that prompted me to take even better care of them. from lotions to footwear.....think about whatever it is you've got it bad for- shoes, chocolate. whatever puts you into that zone. entrances you. that's how it is for the footpeople. some are cool about it. some will go above and beyond the call of duty. some like dirty feet. some like high arches, low arches. some like the overall form of the foot- and of course, there are the smells- special odors a layperson would deem utterly disgusting- whileas a footlover will try to put their nose in between every toe until their eyes roll into the back of their heads. it's that scent that drives them to no return.

if you dont mind having them massaged, worshipped, loved and enjoyed, it's a beautiful thing.

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