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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Hot Sunday

Hope everyone's doing OK. I went to Costco in Yonkers. My first trip
to that location. Last time I was in Costco was in New Rochelle, getting pull
ups for the kid. so you know it's been a minute. People ENJOY
shopping there. If I knew where shit was, I'd probably have some
like for it too. Well that wasn't the case- but I managed to find
what I needed and get the hell out of there.

Been yelling at the kid to do his book reports- he's getting on my
last nerve.

My fam is getting ready for my cousin's wedding next month. My step
offered to buy the boy a suit- just wanted me to put up some of the
money. I cannot wait to hear about the shopping experience. I'm not
going to the wedding therefore- Party at Coco's, weekend of Sept
23rd. lol..

answer me why didn't Honda take their payment from my checking
account? if they even come to me with some late b.s. imma be one
livid heffa. I dont know what happened except- the money's sitting
in my account.

since i've gone to the doctor i was considering the grapefruit
diet. except: 1- i'll be damned if i pay $5 for a half gallon of
juice and 2- i'll be damned if i pay $2 for one grapefruit. seems
everyone' hip to the whole deal and now i'm assed out.

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