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What's on my mind?

What's on my mind?

Monday, August 08, 2005


Today we had to vote for the FIVE contest. I was surpsised that there were only 6 entries. The group is much bigger than that. Maybe everyone's too busy. The next contest is 'Always Watching' in memory of Tony. I have a lot of ideas right now and I'm not really sure how I should do my writing. I'm working on 'What's Up'- it's coming along. Now if I could get it on paper. Writing it by hand is tedious BUT it does help me get my thoughts together. Maybe I'll stick with that for a bit. I haven't heard from M.E. in a while. Should I call to check up on him? hmmm

JVJ wanted me to stop by. I said it should be he comes this way on Mondays, I visit on Weds. He's down for the plan- let's see what happens. Tryin to reset shit. lol. Too funny. Tomorrow I will be getting Kung Fu Hustle so we can watch it Weds. I'm also to meet DJCL for the CDs. He's killing me and he's trying to get me to meet him somewhere, I told him he should come to YO just for screwing things up.

I dont think that's unreasonable- this is business.

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